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  PCI Security Standard

911 Software is committed to the security of your company and and your customers. 

Security Through Credit Card Software

Warning: Processing payments through CreditLine versions older than 4.1 after July 1st 2010 is an industry standards violation and may result in heavy penalties!


CreditLine Version 4.1 is certified by PCI Security Standards Council Quality Assurance Program to be PA-DSS v1.2 compliant. See PA-DSS compliant application list for full details.

Version 4.1 and higher is required after July 1st, 2010 to be compliant with the PA-DSS requirements.

PA-DSS has become an industry requirement in June 2010 at which point it replaced the older PABP CISP standard. 

Pre 4.1 Versions End Of Life Announcement

Pre 3.0 Versions End Of Life Announcement


PA-DSS Definition

PCI PA-DSS Payment Processing SoftwarePA-DSS: Next Generation Security Standard for  Payment Processing Software

PA-DSS is the next generation PCI Security Guidelines that replaces the older PABP standard. The PABP program was created and overseen by Visa. Now, through PCI SSC, the five majorglobal payment brands (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.) will support the PA-DSS, allowing even greater opportunity to standardize security requirements, Qualified Security Assessor testing and lab methodologies, and approval processes for payment applications.

911 Software CreditLine version 4.1 has been reviewed by the PCI Security Standards Council (the Council) Quality Assurance Program and received a grade of PASS.  Please see PA-DSS compliant application list for more info.  The version will be released shortly.

Important Dealines


  • Jul 1, 08   - VNPs and agents must only certify new payment applications to their platforms that are PABP-compliant
  • Aug 1, 08 - New payment application assessments will be assessed under the PA-DSS
  • Oct 1, 08 - Newly boarded Level 3 and 4 merchants must be PCI DSS compliant or use PABP-compliant applications
  • Jul 1, 10 - Acquirers must ensure their merchants, VNPs and agents use only PA-DSS-compliant applications


PABP Documents

Please see Credit Card Software Security Setup Guide for review of CreditLine credit card processing software security features.


Security Through Hardware

For internet security and Dial-Up backup we recommend a hardware firewall router with Dial Back-Up such as  Netgear FR328S (8-port Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall with Dial Back-up)



Cardholder Information Security Program - CISP

911 Software has followed CISP guidelines to ensure cardholder account security in credit card software 

The following steps have been taken:

1) Truncation of credit card account numbers in CreditLine credit card software

2) Encryption of credit card cardholder data in CreditLine credit card software

3) Password protection of credit card data in CreditLine credit card software


For the purposes of CISP security certification

1) 911 Software does not store, handle, and/or process cardholder data

2) 911 Software does not have access to any of the cardholder data that the merchants process


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