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2007.04.09 - 911 Software News Release

The following is only one of the options that we extend to our customers. We will continue offering the conventional way of buying our products at great prices, as well as freedom to choose any processor and merchant account provider indefinitely. 

Dear 911 Customer,

I am happy to announce a new way to buy 911 Software CreditLine: we will pay you to use it! 

We are partnering with select merchant account providers to offer you a new source of recurrent revenue combined with a free software offer.  As always, you will receive free top notch professional second line support and the service that you have come to expect from 911 Software. 

If you wish to participate, the only requirement is that your customer obtains the merchant account from one of our partners.  While your customer will enjoy great rates,  you will receive our software at no charge in addition to your 50% share of the merchant account generated revenue throughout the entire life-time of the account.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact your Our Merchant Account Rep.

If you are a CreditLine Dealer (or interested in becoming one) and wish to participate in the Free Software - Revenue Sharing Offer, please e-mail us at or call us at 561-392-9606  (dealer enquiries only, please!).

Zorrik Voldman
911 Software, INC