PCI friendly payment processing solutions

PCI compliance is an important consideration for any business owner

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was developed by the world’s payment heavyweights with the idea of creating a set of unified principles for businesses to follow when processing credit card payments. Those guidelines – known as the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) – identify best practices and define guidelines retailers must follow to ensure PCI compliance.

This compliance is highly sought by businesses because it’s an assurance of strong data security practices. Consumers appreciate the ability to pay with credit cards whether they are shopping in a store or online, however many individuals today are sensitive to the risks of submitting sensitive information to businesses. With stories of data breaches reported frequently, customers are understandably hesitant to submit their data to a business that is not secure, and PCI compliance offers consumers confidence.

911 Software offers credit card processing software with features to make any company’s payment processing capabilities secure and effective. Our PCI-friendly payment processing solutions make it easier for these businesses to remain compliant with PCI’s standards, offering an important tool in their effort to engage with security-conscious consumers.

Objectives and requirements mandated by PCI DSS

Security is the primary focus of the PCI DSS requirements, as each of its objectives focus on building stopgaps to limit data vulnerability. For example, one of the standard’s mandates requires the creation of a secure network – backed by a firewall and sophisticated passwords – while another stipulates the development of cardholder protections, including encryption for stored consumer data.

Other mandates involve the creation of monitoring practices and the development of testing, control and security policies. There are 12 major requirements in all and many more secondary mandates, and adherence is required of all businesses that process, store or transmit card data. The major challenge for many companies is their need to implement compliance measures in a cost-effective and secure fashion.

How 911 Software ensures PCI-friendly payment processing

One of the major risks to PCI compliance involves unsecure customer data, something that is possible whenever this information is stored locally. Tokenization and encapsulation addresses this risk by removing all direct interaction between the local credit card processing application and external cardholder information.

911 Software’s leading credit card payment processing software – CreditLine – offers tokenization capabilities. This involves the creation of a token, an interface which stores and encrypts sensitive cardholder data off-site for later processing. When a payment must be processed, the application calls up the token – negating any direct interaction between the application and cardholder data.

All types of card data – including credit, debit and gift cards – are supported through CreditLine’s tokenization and encapsulation capabilities. This helps businesses satisfy the PCI DSS’s requirements related to card data storage.

Learn more about 911 Software and CreditLine payment processing software

CreditLine is the solution businesses need to ensure their processing capabilities are PCI-friendly, and the software offers a number of other benefits. 911 Software developed CreditLine to be entirely ISO-friendly and compatible with any payment processor or merchant account provider available on the market, offering maximum flexibility for businesses looking to consider multiple payment options.

We offer our solutions free of recurring charges, transaction fees or other surcharges, and our products are affordable at any scale. Merchants appreciate our commitment to customer service and support, which is a major reason why we have enjoyed a 99 percent satisfaction rate among our clientele. Contact 911 Software today to learn more about our innovative and versatile payment processing solutions.