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PaymentNet Payment Gateway

 If you are interested in licensing or hosting PaymentNet, please email  to

For Point Of Sale Credit Card Processing, please see CreditLine

Business Overview

What is PaymentNet?

PaymentNet is a multi-merchant, multi-processor payment gateway that can power a large clearing house, processor or a middleman entity.  

At the base of PaymentNet is a highly scaleable high-performance engine that manages its various payment processing, data management and reporting modules.  

PaymentNet can be hosted at the customer site.  Source Code Option is available.

What Are The Benefits of PaymentNet?

1) Multiple processor interfaces. PaymentNet allows your company to process payments through multiple processors without the need to implement, certify and maintain the interfaces. This will allow your company to have the flexibility of choosing the best rate

2) Middleman revenue stream. Optional. By the use of PaymentNet your company will be in a position to charge service fees (surcharges) on every transaction independently.

3) Compound transaction volume. Optional. By compounding all the volume  your company will be able to receive/provide additional rate discounts

4) Time value of the deposits. Optional. If immediate settlement is not required, daily interest can be collected on the deposited funds before they are distributed to the merchants

5) Centralized database of transactions. PaymentNet provides a centralized database of transactions that can be used by to create elaborate web based reports for the benefit of the customers and your company. The data can also be used for data services and marketing efforts. The compound and middleman revenue streams are not feasible without this feature

6) Centralized control base for the entire customer solution. Additional modules can be easily added to the base engine to provide a centralized integrated suit of functionality

Return on Investment

While all benefits listed above may be significant, the main ROI factor is the acquisition of the middleman, compound volume benefit and deposit interest. By controlling the surcharges according to market conditions and perhaps fine tuning them by geographical regions and/or transaction amounts your company could significantly add to the bottom line. For instance, even a 0.1% surcharge will produce $1,000 on every $1,000,000 processed. We have seen some hospitality industry merchants process $1,000,000 in a single day. Of course, this can generate a very significant recurrent revenue stream.

Payment Processing Routing Illustration



Middleman Use Case Illustration

This is an optional deployment model where a master account is used to generate middleman revenue.  Master account is not required for deployment of PaymentNet.

All numbers are for illustration purposes only


Technical Overview


PaymentNet is written in C++ for Microsoft Windows environment

Database used is Microsoft SQL Server

The engine is language independent – any number of front end interfaces can be attached to it for Language Specific UI.


PaymentNet is composed of well defined purpose specific modules as per Best Object Oriented Practices.

The following are the major components:

1) Engine - central controlling entity that is responsible for coordination of the program modules

2) Dispatcher  - dispatches controlling messages and information to various modules

3) Data Manager - interfaces to the database of choice and handles data storage and retrieval

4) Processor Manager - routes the traffic to the current processor interface

5) Protocol Manager - manages the processor interfaces

6) Data Formatting Manager - formats the data into processor protocol standards

7) Communication Manager - handles the communications aspects of the program

Component Design Illustration

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