Considering the difficulties that the processors are facing in certifying vendors, WorldPay is offering the following good will gesture to our clients:

“…Currently 911 is completing EMV certifications and has provided 911 users with a liability blanket on EMV as long as the merchant is using a Ingenico ipp320. WorldPay would be able to provide the EMV readers, and new licenses at no additional cost due to the mutual relationship we share with 911 Software [ED NOTE: this is an independent deal from WorldPay. We will continue offering other processors at the same price, as always]

Worldpay has provided this option to 911 users due to the extensive volume of account we share with 911, Popeyes Chicken, Hungry Howies, Dairy Queen, Churches Chicken, etc. We are simply offering 911 users a solution for EMV…”
-Alex Zea
Account Executive
[email protected]