In the world of payment processing, there are a number of major corporations that carry a lot of clout. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) – the primary standards body in the sector – is itself comprised of major global payment brands, specifically American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard and Visa.

As a result, in order to be able to process payments for any of these industry heavyweights, merchants must ensure their payment processor software meets the requirements defined by the PCI SCC. However, that does not mean that merchants absolutely need to work with any one of these companies directly to secure a merchant account – as long as they have also partnered with the right processing software provider.

At 911 Software, we believe flexibility and freedom of choice should be available to businesses and processor distributors, which is why we have developed point-of-sale credit card processing software that is entirely compatible with Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). These third-party service providers are a key cog in the payment industry, and by developing an ISO-friendly product in CreditLine, 911 Software is able to ensure increased compatibility and flexibility for our customers.

What are Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)?

An ISO is a third party that is separate from a traditional credit card association member, such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Instead, ISOs have partnerships with these major organizations – also known as acquiring banks – to perform functions that service end-users. These might include offering merchant accounts or bringing in new cardholder business. ISOs are also sometimes called Member Service Providers, and these organizations must be registered with a traditional card association in order to do business.

Acquiring banks might partner with ISOs to defray the risks of working with merchants in certain sensitive industries, or to expand their capability of bringing in new business through a third-party provider. ISOs are not themselves acquiring banks, and they are also free to sponsor with multiple card companies, though they must disclose their partners in marketing materials.

How does 911 Software being ISO-friendly benefit my business?

ISOs offer merchants more choices and greater access to merchant accounts that they may not have been able to secure directly from an acquiring bank. Because of this, ISOs have assumed a significant presence within the payment card industry, sometimes opening the bulk of an acquiring bank's new merchant accounts.

911 Software had this reality in mind when developing CreditLine, our payment processing software. Rather than limiting our clients' selective power by forcing them to choose a specific merchant account provider or ISO, we built CreditLine to be compatible with any processor or service on the market.

That means if you're happy with your current ISO or merchant account provider but need a better processing platform, you can start using CreditLine without any major overhaul to your operations. On the other hand, if you're ready to try a new merchant account or ISO, we can support your transition with experienced and knowledgeable consultation.

Work with 911 Software to achieve cost-effective, reliable payment processing

At 911 Software, our first priority is our customers, so we work to offer an affordable and easy-to-implement payment solution without hidden surcharges or additional fees. In fact, CreditLine's lack of transaction fees could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings each year for your business.

Having worked in the payments business since 1995, and backed by some of the industry's most innovative minds, 911 Software is uniquely positioned to offer your company a payment processing solution that is high on value, quality and security. Contact 911 Software today to learn more.