911 Software CreditLine End Of Life

CreditLine is End Of Life as of November 2019.  No new CreditLine licenses will be issued starting December 2019.


  1. You can continue to use CreditLine for existing accounts, as it is certified “SAFE for EXISTING DEPLOYMENTS” by PCI Council.
  2. You convert to Cloud9 Payment Gateway with no or minimal changes to your setup (see below).

Cloud9 Payment Gateway Migration

Cloud9 Payment Gateway by 911 Software is compatible with your existing integrations and can be used transparently without any major modifications.

Latest versions of CreditLine Manager contain code that enables it to connect to Cloud9 Payment Gateway (C9PG) in a similar way that it connected to CreditLine Server.

Additional benefits include:

  1. EMV Payment Terminals
  2. P2PE Encryption & Secutity
  3. Dual Factor Store & Forward
  4. Enterprise Management and Reporting
  5. Reduced IT load
  6. Automatic Software Updates

Please Contact Us and see http://cloud9paymentgateway.com for more info


Q: I love CreditLine, why are you no longer issuing new licenses?

A: So do we, and that’s why we worked hard to update it for the latest industry and security requirements,  using the latest technology available. Cloud9 Payment Gateway (C9PG) is the result of this effort.  CreditLine has served the industry for 25 years and its beloved user interface was used as an inspiration for the new portal.

Q: I have many CreditLine installs, now what?

A: This is not a problem. CreditLine is safe for existing installs. The only change is inability to setup new merchant accounts.

Q: I want to try Cloud9, what do I do?

Please Contact Us for more info

Q: Is this a product of another company or acquisition?

A: No, Cloud9 Payment Gateway was designed by the same talented team that produced CreditLine Payment Processing Software.


Please  Contact Us for details.  For more info on Cloud9 Payment Gateway, please visit http://cloud9paymentgateway.com