CreditLine Credit Card Software Release Log

4.1 Releases

2013-12-23 4.1 Build 1102 SP53

o Fixed load card method crash issue

o Added the ability to produce monthly reports from the command line.

o Added batch date on batch reports.

o Added card type on batch reports.

2013-11-28 4.1 Build 1102 SP52

o Fixed a bug that transaction failed because of missing AVS info when tags were used to do the transaction.

o Store Card Range into CCV_Info.

o Fix Credit Card's names in card range configuration.

2013-10-31 4.1 Build 1102 SP51

o If the customer run 911 server as windows service, we provide three appropriate ways to install service: Typical, Compact, Custom.

o Remove 911soft account created by 911 Software CreditLine from Logon interface.

o Fixed a bug about filtering error logs in current log.

o Fixed a bug about amount value error of ValuTec AutoReward cards.

2013-09-26 4.1 Build 1102 SP50

o Improved Rush Mode. Added Http Ping as optional approach to trigger Rush Mode.Please ensure the URLs of "ConnectionHostWebsiteOne" and "ConnectionHostWebsiteTwo" configured in 911_CCV.ini not being blocked by the firewall.

o Fixed an issue that the api clcGetErrStage() will cause memory leak if last batch fails.

o Fixed an issue that the transactions are not marked with the correct business date when batched.

o Fixed an issue that the Dup Trans related ini settings are not well functioning.

2013-08-15 4.1 Build 1102 SP49

o Added Terminal/Lane ID support for Master Card transactions on Paymentech platform.Integrators need to call SetLaneID() Before processing Master Card transactions or the transactions might be downgraded.Transactions processed by CCV_MANAGER will not automatically set with a lane id.

o Processors such as FDC North which use Datawire as transmission protocol will cause a high cpu usage to CCV_SERVER when processing transactions.

o Rush Mode support only Credit Card. Do not support Debit Card and Gift Card.

2013-07-31 4.1 Build 1102 SP48

o Fixed the issue that HPS Retail Direct Debit is missing.

o Fixed an issue that gift card addtip is not properly setting the base amount.

2013-07-19 4.1 Build 1102 SP47

o Improved Rush Mode.Rush Mode and related settings are now more friendly to users.

o Added a setting for export functionality, voided transactions are now able to be exported from the journal file. This is an advanced setting, please do not change unless discussed.

2013-07-04 4.1 Build 1102 SP46

o Add support for 64bit OS integrators.

2013-05-30 4.1 Build 1102 SP45

o The returned batch number for FDC North platform was trancated,it is now fixed.

o Added Terminal/Lane ID support for Master Card transactions on FDC North platform. New API created: clcSetLaneID().

2013-04-30 4.1 Build 1102 SP44

o Added a feature that when installing the credit server as a service the program will creat a new administrator account and the service will run under this account.

o Removed a warning prompt during split batches.

o Fixed an issue that the batch id return value is not correct for FDC North when calling the API "clcGetLastBatchNumByCardType".

o Changed void transactions to be offline on GENSAR platform.

2013-03-19 4.1 Build 1102 SP43

o Fixed a duplicate batch report printing issue when doing batch from command line.

o Changed the descriptions for the CreditServer service and the CreditServerMonitor Service for better understanding.

o SE number and Datawire ID are now editable in the settlement configurations for FDC South. To edit Datawire ID,users will need to set the configuration "ShowProcessorRegistrationField" to Yes in 911_CCV.ini.

o Fixed an issue for Vantiv/Fifth Third' batching process. Now Vantiv credit and Vantiv gift will not share the batch id increment with each other or other processors.

2013-02-07 4.1 Build 1102 SP42

o Fixed an issue that the ini setting "UseAutoRealAuthBeforeBatch" does not work in View Modify screen.

o Removed the duplicated FDC North Debit configurations in the processor network setup.

o Fixed an issue in parsing balance inquiry response for discover cards on TSYS platform.

o Fixed an issue that running the server from the start menu can cause multiple server instances.

2013-01-10 4.1 Build 1102 SP41

o Fixed an issue that the error responses are not well formatted for some processors.

o Integrated the FileMonitor program into the 911CreditLine installation package.

2012-12-18 4.1 Build 1102 SP40

o Two new APIs added, clcIsCardAccepted() and clcGetLastBatchNumByCardType().

o Fixed an issue that transactions on the Hotel industry on paymentech cannot be processed correctly.

o Fixed an issue that HPS gift card transactions do not return the proper balance amount.

o Fixed an issue that clcGetTaxAmount() and clcGetTotalAmount() do not return the proper amount.

2012-11-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP39

o Fixed an issue that the API clcGetErrStage() is malfunctioning in WIN7.

o Fifth Third bank is now having a new name Vantiv.

o Part of merchant setup of Nova(Reg Key) and Fifth Third bank(User,Password) are now by default, not editable.

o Add support for RBS Link gift card.

o The support alert web page is now working correctly.

o Fixed an issue that the license web site can not generate license correctly under the new SP versions.

o Add online reversal support on paymentech platform.

o The lable "Terminal ID" in Moneris ESP's merchant setup is now changing to "Terminal ID/ECR".

2012-11-12 4.1 Build 1102 SP38

o Updated CCV_LINK.ini file to include FDC South Platform.

o Fixed an issue that batch can not be correctly processed on AMEX IP platform.

o Fixed an issue that the ini setting "UseAutoRealAuthBeforeBatch" does not work in command line.

o Fixed an issue that Manager will crash when opening old journal records.

o Fixed an issue that the merchant setup in settlement does not go to authorization setup automatically.

o Fixed an issue that refund cannot be correctly processed on FDC South Platform.

o Fixed an issue that add tip/edit/finalize cannot be correctly processed on FDC South Platform.

2012-10-25 4.1 Build 1102 SP37

o Add transaction date changes for MOTO and HOTEL on FDC North platform.

o Fixed an issue in Capture Request part on WorldPay platform per the E2EE requirements.

o Fixed an issue that Auth transaction cannot be finalized by adding tip on Paymentech platform.

o Default user removed from initial configuration per PCI compliance.

o clcapijar.api is now included in 911/BIN, this is for supporting java integrators.

o Default setup file(ccv_info.dat) is changed.

o Fixed an issue that batch cannot be processed successfully on Moneris ESP platform, also the latest Moneris eSELECTplus_dotNet_API-MSR.dll updated.

o Add support on Paymentech platform of automatically doing online reversal when receiving bad AVS response from the host if ForceDeclineForBadAVSResult is set to YES.

o Fixed an issue that the API clcGetErrStage() may cause memory leak problem.

o Add a processor FDC South,supported industries include MOTO,Retail,ECI,Restaurant and Hotel.

2012-9-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP36

o Fixed an issue that transaction records do not sort when hitting a column header in the View/Modify screen.

o Fixed an issue that Zip code will be ignored for swiped transactions on Paymentech platform.

o Fixed an issue that the UI interface does not refresh when calling PCI-Exempt functions to process transactions.

o Add online reversal support for all credit card types on Paymentech platform. All current industry types are supported except for hotel.

o Add Capture Request part on WorldPay platform per the E2EE requirements.

o Fixed an issue that inquiry can not be processed correctly for prepaid cards on FDC North platform.

2012-7-26 4.1 Build 1102 SP35

o Fixed a misspelling issue during installation.

o Modified the license generation rules for better supporting non-creditcard users.

o Improved DemoMode, now you will get a "Declined" response correctly when the gift card has a zero balance,and the "NoPartialSale" setting will work correctly in this mode.

2012-6-28 4.1 Build 1102 SP34

o Fixed the lane ID issue for WorldPay.

o Disabled an internal license checking function SitePingBack() temporarily.

o Changed the promt message of expiring/expired passwords for better understanding.

o Fixed an issue of the api clcGetErrStage().

o For PCI compliance,default admin account and non-admin account are disabled. Users need to setup both an admin account and a non-admin account before using the software. Also part of the functions are now admin only. Please check the account setup page for detail.

2012-5-31 4.1 Build 1102 SP33

o Add an api clcGetErrStage().

2012-5-26 4.1 Build 1102 SP32

o Add a checking/savings choice into the Pinpad when doing debit transactions with Ingenico 3070.

2012-4-26 4.1 Build 1102 SP31

o SAMPLE folder Removed.

o Enhanced the API clcAddTip() for better supporting multiple tip changes.

o Add an ini setting "ImportCardPresent" to 911_CCV.ini.

2012-4-9 4.1 Build 1102 SP30

o Fixed the issue that transactions will be rejected by the server even with correct CVC numbers.

o Fixed the issue for PaymentTech that Trans ID is not updated when adjusting the tip for a gift card transaction .

2012-3-19 4.1 Build 1102 SP29

o Tip amount will now be returned to gift card balance when a transaction is voided if supported by the processor.

2012-2-23 4.1 Build 1102 SP28

o Added an api GetSecurityExpDays() and some prompts to inform the uses of the validity period of their accounts.

o Fixed the issue for AMEX that APPCODE is missing when finalizing an auth transaction.

2012-2-10 4.1 Build 1102 SP27

o Multmerchant Setup is now only available for CreditLine dealers.

o Add an ini setting for ClcUI.exe for better trouble shooting purpose.

o Modified the prompt messages when setting up a new merchant for better understanding.

o Redirect "Programming API Sample" in the start menu to the correct web site.

2011-12-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP26

o Add an ini setting "ShowInfoButton" to 911_CCV.ini, retailers can now hide the info button in the "View/Modify Current Batch" screen.

o Correct the message popped up when meeting with a duplicate batch error.

o Fixed the issue that manual transactions of FDC Valuelink are not correctly prefixed with 601056.

o Refund transactions will now correctly display their input types for RBSLynk.

2011-11-24 4.1 Build 1102 SP25

o Changed approval code for better understanding.

o HPS is now in the list of processors which support AVS.

o Add a new ini setting "AVSResultForUnsupportedProcessors" to 911_CCV.ini.

o Made some adjustments to "View/Modify Current Batch" screen for better appeareance.

2011-10-27 4.1 Build 1102 SP24

o ClcUI will now display the Cancel button in the scan card dialog correctly when returning from a bad card swipe.

o Fixed the issue that errors are not correctly interpreted in the log file when doing transacions with ValueLink.

2011-10-08 4.1 Build 1102 SP23

o Removed macro redefinition for better memory performance.

2011-09-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP22

o Add two settings in 911_ccv.ini: "SilentShutdown"and "EnableServerAutorestart".

o Add two new APIs: clcSearchCard() and clcUISearchCard().

o Fixed the issue that SVS GiftCard cannot void a sale transaction.

o Fixed the issue that CCV_MANAGER.EXE will crash when printing reports on an unauthorized network printer.

o Add a new column "ENTRY" to "View/Modify Current Batch" screen.

o Fixed the issue that CCV_SERVER application or service might crash when doing license checking.

2011-08-25 4.1 Build 1102 SP21

o When a ValuTec Gift Card does a void, it voids both the tip and the base amount now.

o Adjustments for TSYS's migration.

o clcGetBalanceAmount() will return -1 instead of -0.01 for a SVS Gift Card when the balance amount cannot be got properly.

o The request is now in the correct format when sending a settlement request for a FDC VISA card or a FDC MasterCard.

2011-07-28 4.1 Build 1102 SP20

o Add some mag stripe validation code.

o Increase the limit for BatchMaxTransactionCount to 800.

o Use CreditServerMonitor.exe to start CreditServer Service or CCV_SERVER.EXE.

o Global Payments supported.

o Moneris eSelect supported.

2011-06-30 4.1 Build 1102 SP19

o Disabled the function AutoStartServer.

o Added TerminalId field in "HPS Gift Auth/settlement Config" screen.

o Changed the balance to -1 while cannot get available amount in SVS Gift Cards.

o Added API clcGetPreviousBatchCardClassTypeCount() for getting batch total count of card type in last batch.

2011-05-31 4.1 Build 1102 SP18

o Pop out a warning message when the printer is changed.

o Fixed the issue that reports cannot be printed when doing transactions in command line.

o Fixed the issue collect Support Info by Date Range only sends over the current merchant index.

o Fixed the issue that the holder name cannot be passed to CLCUI.EXE properly.

o Added the functionality of get/set "AVSResult Code" to the Integration API.

o Changed RBSLynk name to WorldPay/RBSLynk.

o Fixed the issue that api getCardType() got wrong card type

o Fixed the issue that CLCUI.EXE will get invalid card number when pressing enter on keyboard.

o Display a warning in manager when the card name doesn't match with its class.

o Set Credit as the default account type in CLCUI.EXE.

o Added silent setup with service installed.

o Get the balance amount when the transaction was not partial approved and set balance to -2 if cannot get available amount in SVS Gift Cards.

2011-04-07 4.1 Build 1102 SP17

o Fixed the issue that the CreditLine didn't get the balance amount of Amex prepaid card in test mode.

o Add accounts "NETWORK SERVICE","SERVICE","LOCALSERVICE" to directory Data with full control and hide the dos window.

o HPS Retail GSB supported.

2011-04-01 4.1 Build 1102 SP16

o Add four INI "EnableCreditCard","EnableDebitCard","EnableGiftCard" and "EnableLoyaltyCard" in CLCUI.INI.
If set to YES,the CLCUI dialog will display the button which is used for selecting card type.
The default value is YES

o Fixed the bug that Nabanco requires different length of terminal id.

o HPS Restaurant supported.

2011-02-24 4.1 Build 1102 SP15

o Add an INI "MaskAccountNumberForLoadCard" to control the account number display for load card in CLCAPI.INI.
If set to 1, the CreditLine would mask the account number after load card.
The default value is 1.

o Fixed the issue that POS may get wrong response.

o HPS Retail Direct Debit supported.

2011-02-11 4.1 Build 1102 SP14

o Improvement in CLCAPI in conditions where the client objects are frequently destroyed.

2011-01-21 4.1 Build 1102 SP13

o Added an INI "SummaryExport" to create summary report after batch in 911_CCV.INI.
If set to yes, the creditLine would create batch report after batch.
The default value is NO.

o Change "SummaryExportDir" to "ExportDir" in 911_CCV.INI.

o Change "IsReauthFinalize" to "IsReAuthFinalize" in 911_CCV.INI

2011-01-06 4.1 Build 1102 SP12

o Added an INI "RestrictSelectiveBatch" to restrict selective batch in 911_CCV.INI.
If set to yes, CreditLine would popup a message "Please be careful when you batch selectively" when batch selectively.
RestrictSelectiveBatch =YES
The default value is NO.

o Added a new ini "BatchExportAfterSettlement" to create batch report after batch.
If set to YES, the CreditLine would create batch report after batch.
The default value is NO

o Added a pop-up message to warn users when multiple items were selected on batch archive screen.

o Fixed an issue that JOR and LOG directories were not created if not exist.

2010-11-30 4.1 Build 1102 SP11

o Added a new setting NoBalanceAmountIndicator in 911_CCV.INI to set the indicator of no balance cards.

2010-11-30 4.1 Build 1102 SP10

o Added a new setting DefaultLogOnMerchantIndex in INI to set the specific merchant index as the default.

o Added a new setting BatchByCardTypeIncludesSettleWith in CLCAPI.INI to allow batching of transactions of one card type only.

o Added two API clcBatchCardTypeOnly() and clcMarkSelectedByCardType()

2010-11-12 4.1 Build 1102 SP9

o Added a new masked account number style numbered 3 in INI and made it as default.
Example: 48xxxxxxxxxxxxx3330

o Fixed an issue that the INI settings TryForceAsFinalize and PrintBatchReportAtServer can not work.

o Fixed an issue that creditline sent non-AMEX transactions to AMEX on settlement.

o Added a new setting QuickSetPinEntryData in CLCAPI.INI to make clcPinpadRequestEntry() be compatible with old versions.

2010-10-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP8

o The card holder name was automatically filled into the Customer Name field following a card swipe.

o Added a new INI PrepaidCardSupport to control support pre-paid credit cards or not.
If set to YES, the server would support pre-paid credit cards.
The default value is NO.

2010-10-14 4.1 Build 1102 SP7

o Fixed the debit issue that auth total amount did not match.

o Gave the user a chance to change the password after expiration.

2010-10-07 4.1 Build 1102 SP6

o Made the returned value of clcGetBalanceAmount for credit cards default to -1.

2010-09-29 4.1 Build 1102 SP5

o Changed the default value of "OperateCardByXmlRpc" to 0 in the INI.

2010-09-23 4.1 Build 1102 SP4

o Changed the returned value of clcGetBatchTotal from unsigned short to int.

2010-09-20 4.1 Build 1102 SP3

o Fixed the service restart issue.

2010-09-16 4.1 Build 1102 SP2

o Added CreditServerMonitor.

o Fixed the issue that fdc north debit card got no response with cash back.

2010-08-19 4.1 Build 1102 SP1

o Added Tsys prepaid functionality.

2010-08-19 4.1 Build 1102 GA

o Added a message folder in installation.

o Allow 0 for agent and chain number in TSYS settlement configuration.

o Added ensureServerOnline in ClcCs.dll.

o Fixed the issue that HPS gift was unable to Activate, Increase and Void.

o Added the functionality that search and update client components in installation.

2010-08-09 4.1 Build 1102 LA6

o Update to Datawire vxn dll 4.4version.

o if no invoice ID, use the last 4 digit of the account number with the last 2 digit of the base amount.

o Fixed the issue with Processor Registration for FDC North.

o Fixed the issue FDC North debit rejected.

2010-07-21 4.1 Build 1102 LA5

o Added modem dial prefix support

2010-07-19 4.1 Build 1102 LA4

o Remove some debug messages.

2010-07-16 4.1 Build 1102 LA3

o Added two modems: the US Robotics ĘC Courier V.Everything(Model 2806) modem and the US Robotics ĘC 56K Corporate Analoy Modem(Model 3453).

o Make loadcard in clcapi and not go to server.

2010-06-30 4.1 Build 1102 LA2

o Fixed the issues of fdc north credit and debit.

2010-06-14 4.1 Build 1102 LA1

o Do StoreCard and LoadCard through XMLRPC.

o Added log in windows service for Siva.

o Clear the default xx/xx in CLCUI.

o Fixed the issue of paymentech gift card that the funds are not returned to the gift card when do void.

2010-06-10 4.1 Build 1102 Beta2

o Masked all of account number except the last 4 digits in s911.

o fixed the issue of Txnum mismatch.

2010-06-04 4.1 Build 1102 Beta1

o Masked all of account number except the last 4 digits.

2010-05-31 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha6

o Amex IP prepaid supported.

o fixed the issues of FDC north certification.

2010-05-21 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha5

o Mapped gift card active/issue between s911 and 911.

o Formatted FDC North Debit Message through certification.

o Fixed the issue that account num may lose the last 3 digits.

2010-05-14 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha4

o Fix the issue that clcUI pops up slowly.

o Delete the "auto start server" function in external mode.

o Optimize code of FDC north credit.

2010-05-10 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha3

o Modified the INI StartInSearchPath.

2010-05-10 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha2

o Added a new API clcUIForce.

o Added the API clcGetCardType in ocx.

o Added a new INI IsReauthFinalize to control finalize or not when do reauth.

o Added a new INI FilterConnectionTypeList to contorl auto filter connection type list or not.

o don't pop up select accout type dialog when do UIStoreCard.

o Added new API clcCopyAccountNum.

o valuelink dialup support.

o allow change of amount when finalize with ChangeBaseAmountWhenFinalize=YES.

2010-04-07 4.1 Build 1102 Alpha1

o Extended BIN Range table.

2010-06-24 4.1 Build 1101 SP19

o Update ClosedEFT.tlb and make it consistent with ClosedEFT.dll.

2010-06-18 4.1 Build 1101 SP18

o Fixed the issue that TxNum mismatch.

2010-05-14 4.1 Build 1101 SP17

o Fixed the bug of UIStoreCard that session was cleared after clcGetTag.

2010-05-11 4.1 Build 1101 SP16

o Modified the INI StartInSearchPath.

o Added a new INI FilterConnectionTypeList.

2010-05-10 4.1 Build 1101 SP15

o Added a new API clcUIForce.

o Added the API clcGetCardType in ocx.

o Added a new INI IsReauthFinalize to control finalize or not when do reauth.

2010-04-14 4.1 Build 1101 SP14

o Optimize CLCUI for Par.

2010-04-07 4.1 Build 1101 SP13

o fix CCV_JOR.DAT NOT RENAMED to void Transactions settled multiple times.

o fix "Error UnSupported MSG" for all Add Tip transactions.

o add an INI to control the Scan Card screen to appear or not.

o Add an INI to control CLCUI drive from local or not.

2010-03-29 4.1 Build 1101 SP12

o fix tag issue for Jonas.

2010-03-24 4.1 Build 1101 SP11

o build CLC.DLL and CLCLIENT.OCX with VC6 for Jonas.

2010-03-23 4.1 Build 1101 SP10

o Added clcInit2 in CLCAPIW2.DLL to contol XMLRPC.

o change length of CES terminal ID from 6 to 7.

2010-03-18 4.1 Build 1101 SP9

o if chase debit trans failed for key index mismatch, re-run the trans automatically after getcurrentkey successfully.

o automatically batch with rush approval cards.

2010-03-05 4.1 Build 1101 SP8

o Added FDC North Debit processor.

o If tag existed, show the data when UIStoreCard.

o Reverse order Authorization Config, Settlement Config on Configuration Menu.

o Disable message file removal during settlement.

o Added new INI to run server automatically.

o Make the balance amount for credit cards default to -1.

o Installation updated to install CreditLine Server as a service by Default.

2010-02-05 4.1 Build 1101 SP7

o Run CLCUI all the time from local drive.

o Message prompt during NPC settlement setup.

o Make CLC.DLL and CLCLIENT.OCX build using VC2005.

o Added try/catch to each function in CLCAPIW2.DLL.

2010-02-03 4.1 Build 1101 SP6

o Added Connection type list filter.

o Not use toolbar on 911_ccv.INI.

o Added HPS gift card processor.

o whenever, return Mask AccontNum.

o add customer zip code on CLCUI when store card.

2010-01-21 4.1 Build 1101 SP4

o Add s911 external mode for PAR

o Add the action void to limit client do void transations.

2010-01-21 4.1 Build 1101 SP1

o Running the server as a native Windows service
Install: CCV_SERVER.exe -service -install
Uninstall: CCV_SERVER.exe -service -uninstall
Alternatively, a different user name can be used to run the service.
Install: CCV_SERVER.exe -service -install account=[user] password=[pwd]

o Fixed CLCUI crash in Windows 7

o Added INI to show / hide on-screen keyboard in CLCUI

o Fixed Loyalty points redemption void issue

o Fixed the issue where if there are voids in large batches, the voids are not removed after settlement

o Fixed View / Modify crash if the journal is corrupted

o Added automatic checking if the transmission for a TSYS settlment fails.
If it has already been accepted by the host, move it to the history folder.

o Added clcPinpadRequestSwipe to accept card swipe from Ingenico 3070 pinpads

2009-11-06 4.1 Build 1101 GA

o Added Merchant e-Solutions support

o Added screen to select account type in CLCUI

o Fixed GIVEX loyalty inquiry balance amount not returned issue

o Added a new security setting for reversing transactions in batch archive viewer

2009-10-20 4.1 Build 1101 Beta1

o Chase Paymentech Canadian debit (Certified)

o New DISCOVER Default BIN ranges

o Changed ValueLink to FDC North Gift Card

o Added function to enable / disable the CLCUI fields in CLCAPI
clcUISetIniField(hObj, FieldName, Enabled);

o Check folder permission on server and client start up
If failed, the transactions will not go through.

o Added GIVEX partial sale support

o Added GIVEX SSL support

o Added function clcResetTransData in CLCAPI
It is recommended that it is called before setting any transaction data to CLCAPI for each transaction.

o Added cash back function to CLCUI

o Added a new processor: MES
It is compatible with TSYS

o Enabled 8 digit trans number by default
ICVERIFY interface remains to use 4 digit trans numbers

o Added a new INI to support multiple requests in one ICVERIFY file
The default is NO

o Increased TSYS auth timeout to 15 seconds

o Added new INIs to remove voided transactions in the journal at settlement
The default is NO
The default is YES

o Show voided transation count in View / Modify

o Added clcSetPosTraceNum and clcGetPosTraceNum to CLCAPI to help POS applications match correct transactions

o Added transmission number in each transaction to prevent mismatching requests

o In gift card demo mode, the balance is kept.
This gives a more realistic demo mode.

2009-10-08 4.1 Build 1100 SP9

o Fixed CLCUI not filling AVS data error.

o Added the batch indicator file to prevent access to the batch file during settlement.

2009-09-18 4.1 Build 1100 SP6

o Fixed CLCUI not able to handle large amount error.

o Fixed clcGetRushApprovalTransIdString API call causing journal contention error.

2009-09-08 4.1 Build 1100 SP4

o Fixed CLCUI not returning track data issue.

o Added CLCUI support in the OCX interface.

2009-08-31 4.1 Build 1100 SP3

o Fixed an inssue with NDC batch that returns INV DATA error message.
The cause is that the client application is sending spaces in the customer number field via the ICVerify interface.

o Optimized the CLCUI button handling.

o Changed the default value of tip limit to 0 in the INI, which disables the setting.

o Changed the default value of base amount change limit to 0 in the INI, which disables the setting.

2009-08-21 4.1 Build 1100 SP2a

o Reverted the default setting for the number of digits of the transaction number to 4 digits.
It is because the setting to support 8 digits on Jonas' side is unknown.

o Fixed a build issue causing the CLCUI required fields feature not included in SP2.

2009-08-14 4.1 Build 1100 SP2

o Added fix for Vista slow network problem.

o Added fix for CLCUI missing click issue.

o Added required fields setting for CLCUI.

o Changed the default setting for the number of digits of the transaction number.
It is now 8 digits.
Jonas users may need to change this back to 4 digits.

o Fixed 19 digit account number issues in the ValueLink interface.

o Fixed an issue where Master Card transactions get excluded from the batch if multiple tips have been added.

2009-07-17 4.1 Build 1100 SP1

o Added clcSetNonTaxable flag to indicate that the transaction is exempt.

o Allow a NULL value passed in for the TransIdString parameter of clcGetRushApprovalTransIdString function.
So no need to calculate the size of the buffer.

o When the card code value is not setup in the authorization configuration, a default value associated with the card class type will be passed back.
Please go to the website to see the list of default values.

o Fixed the issue where the Previous Batch Report by Date could not find any journals after the new backup journal filename scheme had been implemented.

o Debit card support for the ICVerify interface (Beta).

2009-07-10 4.1 Build 1100 GA

o Added gift card transaction support in the client side UI (CLCUI)

o Added clcGetCardCode in the client API to retrieve a vendor defined code associated with the card type for each transaction.
For example, 'VS' can be defined for VISA cards in the authorization setup.
Then if a VISA card is used in a transaction, the clcGetCardCode will return 'VS' when called after the approval.

o When clcGetAccountNum is called after the approval of the transaction, it returns the account number with the middle digits masked out.

o Disabled the RemoveUnbatched setting in multiple settlement configurations, e.g. AMEXIP split settlement.

2009-06-29 4.1 Build 1100 Beta 1

o PA-DSS Compliance

3.03.19 Releases

2010-01-19 3.03.19 SP10

o Add the action void to limit client do void transations.

2009-09-27 3.03.19 SP9

o Fixed long lines in ICVerify request files cause the answer file not generated.

2009-09-13 3.03.19 SP8

o Make the manual exp date to 12/49 for Fifth Third Gift Card if ignore exp date checked.

o Fixed Fifth Third Gift Card lane validation error when mixed with credit cards.

o Changed the Fifth Third credit card connection to the latest settings.

2009-08-31 3.03.19 SP7

o Changed the default value of tip limit to 0 in the INI, which disables the setting.

o Changed the default value of base amount change limit to 0 in the INI, which disables the setting.

2009-08-25 3.03.19 SP6

o Fixed 19 digit account number issues in the ValueLink interface.

2009-06-29 3.03.19 SP5

o RBSLynk Debit Card Support (GA)

o Change the default value of the OnlineAdjustAuth setting to YES

2009-06-18 3.03.19 SP4

o Fixed AMEXIP rush mode tip issue

o Group the totals in View/Modify by account type, then transaction type, then card type.

o Added an entry in CLCAPI.INI to configure the mode used by the isserveronline call.
Values are:
0: None, returns true all the time;
1: Realtime, checks if the server is online in realtime;
2: Cached, checks the server status every 10 minutes. The call only returns the cached result.
The default is 1.

2009-05-25 3.03.19 SP3

o Client side UI to accept card input (Beta).

o Improved AMEX, DISCOVER card incremental auth support with TSYS.

2009-04-30 3.03.19 SP2

o Added encoding compatibility mode for card storage entered in versions earlier than 3.03.17.
The default is NO.

o Added prepaid credit card support for Chase Paymentech interface (Beta).

o Send reversal to the host if an invalid response is received to avoid duplicate charges on gift cards and debit cards.

o Added an entry in CLCAPI.INI to configure the timeout value in seconds for the isServerOnline call.
The default is 2.

2009-04-30 3.03.19 SP1

o Fixed an inconsistency issue in the Finalize Time display.

o Added user login timeout setting in the INI.
The default is 15.

2009-03-31 3.03.19

o Added ability to log CLCAPI client version and the server version.
Warn if they do not match.

2009-03-26 3.03.19 Beta1

o Added support for Moneris no pin pad credit card interface (beta)

o Added support for Chase Paymentech Canadian debit card interface (alpha)

o Removed settlement retry if there is a duplicate batch error

o The backup journal and log files have standard .DAT and .TXT extensions

o Added an INI to return the gift card balance in the auth code field
The default is NO.

o Shows transaction finalization date/time in View/Modify and reports.

2009-02-23 3.03.19 Alpha1

o Added a flag in CLCAPI to store the card automatically after the initial authorization.
The default is NO.

o Added the capability to do transactions with only the tag of the card supplied.
The server will look up the card from the storage using the tag and perform the transaction.

o Added an INI to limit the amount of the forced transactions.
The default is 0, which disables the setting.

o Added an INI to blacklist potentially fraudulent credit cards.
When set to YES, the server securely stores any credit card declined by the processor with the reason HOLD, or PICKUP.
And when an offline force is done with the card, the server will reject it.
The default is NO.

o Added a result flag in CLCAPI to indicate the credit card can be forced after a failed authorization.

3.03.18 Releases

2009-03-25 3.03.18 SP1

o The default value for PrintBatchReportAtServer was set to YES

2009-02-23 3.03.18

2009-01-16 3.03.18 Beta5

o RBSLynk Debit Card Support (beta)

o Added the silent install feature. Need to download the silent install package.

o Added an option to print the batch report when using the CLCAPI to issue the settlement request
The default is NO

o Added support for gift card only configuration.
Now it is possible to set the default card slot to be a gift card.
This is for customers who already have other credit card middle-ware but would only want the gift card feature.

o Put back the Windows 98 support.

o Added functions in CLCAPI to retrieve the unfinalized transaction total count, amount and trans IDs.

o Added CLCAPI functions to accept text version of invoice numbers, etc.

2008-12-17 3.03.18 Beta4

o Fixed an issue in processing settlements in blocks where the final files were not merged.

o Added FindTransIdByInvoiceId function in ActiveX and C# interfaces.

2008-11-21 3.03.18 Beta3

o Added the test level for server onlne checking.
0 means that no test and returns true if the credit server is running.
1 means that a ping test will be performed to see if the server is connected to the Internet.
2 means that an HTTP test will be performed to see if the server is connected to the Internet.
The default is 0.

2008-09-17 3.03.18 Beta2

o Givex Loyalty Card Support

o Added API to retrieve the total of selected transactions.

o Added UI to automatically setup different card types.

o Added a setting to delay the server load to avoid the comm port conflict.
The default is 0 seconds.

2008-07-07 3.03.18 Beta1

o Fixed an error when voiding an expired hotel auth causes NO ACTION TAKEN error from the host

o Enhanced security: Log user name on each line of the log that is generated by the manager program

o Verify account number / expiration date before storing the card info in the StoreCard API

o Added prevention method to avoid double batching when two instances of the server running and monitoring the same message directory

o Enhanced security: when in trace mode, the logs are encrypted

o Added max GC approval amount in the INI for the demo mode to simulate partial approval
The default is 100.00, which is 10000 with 2 implied decimals

o Added lookup report to seach transactions in the current journal and history journals for a given account number

3.03.17 Releases

2009-06-02 3.03.17 SP11

o Added an entry in CLCAPI.INI to configure the mode used by the isserveronline call.
Values are:
0: None, returns true all the time;
1: Realtime, checks if the server is online in realtime;
2: Cached, checks the server status every 10 minutes. The call only returns the cached result.
The default is 1.

2009-05-21 3.03.17 SP10

o Added an entry in CLCAPI.INI to configure the timeout value in seconds for the isServerOnline call.
The default is 2.

2008-10-27 3.03.17 SP9

o Added delay before the NOVA settlement batch trailer to avoid the Out of Balance error

2008-10-04 3.03.17 SP8

o Corrected the ValueLink $0 redemption issue

o Added a setting to delay the server load to avoid the comm port conflict.
The default is 0 seconds.

o Added API to retrieve the server initialization result

2008-09-17 3.03.17 SP7

o Added a setting to finalize the last transaction when the TransID is set to zero in the Edit Request.
The default is NO.

o Fixed AMEX IP add tip error in the Rush Approval mode

o Fixed the merchant setup not consistent message in the multiple merchant setup environment

2008-09-03 3.03.17 SP6

o Fixed Paymentech interface crash issue when a Discover card is entered manually

2008-08-18 3.03.17 SP4

o Made modem session time out configurable

2008-08-14 3.03.17 SP3

o Bug fixes for multiple merchant configurations

2008-07-29 3.03.17 SP2

o Added message sequence checking between CLCAPI and the server to avoid getting wrong messages after timeout

o Shortened the timeout value required by FDC-Nashville (Envoy) dialup connections

o Make invalid auth codes from POS programs in offline force transactions valid ones

o Show the current selected printer in the status window

2008-07-21 3.03.17 SP1

o Fixed AMEX IP Settlement Invalid Response Error

2008-06-15 3.03.17

o Added warning if processor registration is clicked but it has already been registered

o Added getBalanceAmount in the API

o Repeat options in the import function is only available in test mode

o Connection setting will be forced to VXN for DataWire if DLL is used

o Added getTestMode in the API

o If the industry set to default in the business config, it will be forced to restaurant

o Returns the last result if a duplicate transaction is detected
If DeclineDuplicateTrans is NO, then the result of the previous matching transaction will be returned.

o Added function to back up the current journal in a set interval to avoid data loss on corruption
The following setting backs up the current journal to e:\911backup every minute and keeps the backup files for 5 minutes

o High-lights the currently selected printer when the select printer is clicked

o Shows nothing to batch message if the batch button is clicked in View / Modify but nothing selected

o Added setBatchNumber in the API

o Added getTransType in the API

o Removed retry for the SSL protocol

2008-05-15 3.03.17 Beta1

o Certified Moneris credit card, debit card support

o Chase Paymentech Fail-over support

o Encryption API to make ICVERIFY interface secure

3.03.16 Releases

2008-06-05 3.03.16 SP7

o Fixed the issue where user settings may get corrupted in a multiple merchant setup when making config changes

2008-05-22 3.03.16 SP5

o Added setIsPrevaluedFlag in the API for gift card activation transactions

o Added setIsReturnFlag in the API for gift card refund transactions

o Added checking code to prevent from crashing by corrupted configration files

2008-05-20 3.03.16 SP4

o Fixed the issue where some older version journals do not show up in the archive list

2008-05-09 3.03.16 SP3

o Fixed the issue where ValuTec driver missed the last digit of the due amount

o Certified Chase Paymentech debit card support

2008-05-06 3.03.16 SP2

o Allow modem connection for TSYS compatible processors

2008-04-29 3.03.16 SP1a

o Fixed the INVALID 307 error for swiped incremental auths on Paymentech

o Added message when printing the batch report and there is nothing to print

o Fixed the bug where isServerOnline in C# was calling a wrong method

2008-04-10 3.03.16

o Added Clean Up button in Journal Archive to clean up sensitive data in historical journals

o Added limit for adding tips to transactions
This limits the tip amount to be less than 2 times the base amount during finalization
The default is 200

o Added limit for changing the base amount during finalization
This limits the base amount to be less than 10 times the original amount
The default is 1000

o Added checking for expired requests.
When set to yes, the server will constantly check the waiting queue to see if there are any requests
that have timed out already.
This gurantees the response before the time out on the client side.

2008-04-04 3.03.16 Beta5

o AVS/CVC results and credit card approval
When set to yes, an approved auth will be changed to decline if CVC/AVS result is bad.

o Added clcGetBatchTotal, clcGetPreviousBatchTotal to CLCAPI

o Added clcGetProcessorName to CLCAPI

o Export changed transaction type from SALE to AUTH

o Added a menu item to manually remove the sensitive data from journal histories

o Certain passwords appeared to be invalid but should not be

o The INI entries now can be differentiated by the program instance name.
The INI sections can have an instance name as part of their key.
For example, in the [911_CCV] section, there is a key to specify the message directory: MessageDir
In the common section, a default can be specified:
Then if c:\BusinessApps is shared on the network and it is mapped to X drive on the manager workstation,
the following can make it work: (If its instance name is MANAGER)
This is also useful to specify a different printer for a different user

2008-03-16 3.03.16 Beta2

o Reverse Individual Transactions in Historical Journals

o Merchant List API function takes the wrong index

o Return auth code after clcRealAuth in the API

o Add command line to check web alerts

o AVS/CVC results and credit card approval
When set to yes, an approved auth will be changed to decline if CVC/AVS result is bad.

o Display processor name when showing the auth/settle not matching warning

o Sorts the journal in descending order in the archive list

o Added Collect Support Files function in the manager program
This helps the customer to package up the necessary data files to be sent to support teams

o Sending offline transactions through the API by setting the offline flag

o The installation program now checks if there are any target applications running before copying

o Store Card / Load Card gets corrupted data

o Returns the balace amount in the auth code field for the ICVerify interface

o Increased the length of the business name fields to 50

o TSYS country code and currency code are not configurable to support international users

o The batch and log archives are now sorted by processor first then date

3.03.15 Releases

2008-03-16 3.03.15 SP8

o Remove extra fields on TSYS (VITAL) and 5/3 setup screen

2008-03-06 3.03.15 SP7

o clcMarkAllSelected in CLCAPI stalls the system

o MIGS production URL correction

o clcGetBatchNum in CLCAPI now works after clcBatch

o Reject the refund request for MIGS if the orginal transaction trace number is not provided

o Return the trace number in an extra field for ICVerify interface

o Return the trace number in the auth code field for ICVerify interface
The default is NO

2008-02-03 3.03.15 SP5

o Lodging length of stay over 99 days causes errors

o Improved partial approval handling of 5/3 gift card interface

o Paymentech batch changes sale to force error

2008-01-31 3.03.15 SP4

o FDC North Visa/MasterCard CVV / CVC error

2008-01-25 3.03.15 SP2

o 5/3 Gift card error not reported correctly

o CLclient.ocx method ordinal numbers were shifted by 1

o ICVerify hotel messages use folio:room format in the folio field

2008-01-21 3.03.15

o Fixed a memory overflow issue in CLCAPI

o Reverse a historical transaction via the archive journal viewer

o Fixed the DLL API function GetMerchantInfo memory overflow issue

o Returns auth code and invoice number when doing real auth for rush approvals

o Wrong warning of parameters not matching in multiple merchant setups

o Added a command line option to bring up the alert web site
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=CheckWebAlerts

o Settlement / Auth setup not matching warning now includes the processor name in multiple settle setups

o Removed the requirement of the Mutiple-Trans flag for TSYS

o The journals/logs in the historical archive are sorted descendingly in the viewer

o Fixed store card / load card functions encryption errors

o Generate a new config file based on an existing one if it is missing in multiple merchant setups

3.03.14 Releases

2008-01-04 3.03.14 SP4

o Made card deposit the default program indicator for lodging if it is not set.

2007-12-02 3.03.14

o Added support for SAGE Payment Solutions.

2007-11-28 3.03.14 Beta4

o Now Business Name 2 is a required field. Please fill it with store#, outlet, revenue center name, or street, city name.

o Removed the tip entry field for non-hospitality industries.

2007-11-15 3.03.14 Beta1

o Added email and phone number fields to the setup sheets.

o Added button to fill in the default dialup phone numbers.

o Changed the invoice number to folio number for hotels.

o List all the merchant indexes even if the user does not have the access to them. But give warning if they select the one they can not access.

o Only the supported connections show up in the processor setup to avoid mistakes.

o Added links to the web site for help documents.

o Mask account numbers in historical journals.
;Default is NO

o Added functions in CLCAPI to retrieve available merchants.

o Added functions in CLCAPI to do real auth in a rush approval situation.

o Reprint multiple slips in View / Modify.

o Changed 'Add Tip' to 'Finalize' for non-restaurant industries.

o Fixed the issue where importing gift card transactions truncates account numbers.

o Expanded the error details for Paymentech 412 Errors.

o Show Dialup Backup mode, Rush-Approval mode, etc in the status window.

o Increased the number of users to 20 per merchant.

o Support for MasterCard International Gateway Service (MIGS). Available worldwide.

o Support for 5/3 gift cards.

o Support for Chase Paymentech (Restaurant, Retail, Mail Order, Lodging)

o Support for ValueLink gift card via DataWire.

o Failover support (Dialup Backup)
;Default is NO

o Easier connection setup where connection types and parameters are linked.

o Added upper limit to prevent wrong amounts.

o Automatically retry batch if the host returns duplicate batch ID errors.
;Default is NO

o Duplicate transaction detection. Transactions with the same account number and amount within a specified time window will be returned as duplicates.
;Default is NO

o CLCAPI.INI now can be shared. Each client can have its own section in the file.

o Error statistics. Errors are written in a csv file: CCV_ERROR.CSV for error analysis.

o Increased the zip code to 6 chars for Canadian installations.

o Added functions in CLCAPI to retrieve settle-able card types.

o Better support for ICVerify. If a force transaction is sent and a matching transaction is found in the journal, then it is changed to a 'add tip' transaction.
;Default is NO

o Fixed an issue where printing batch reports from the batch archive dialog box gives the wrong dates.

o Support for FDC-North (eCommerce, Lodging).

o Improved the 'Apply To Auths' button in settlement setup to populate the parameters.

o Disabled selective batch for host-capture processors.

3.03.13 Releases

2007-08-22 3.03.13

o Windows Vista Support (Except FDC North and Global Payments via Datawire VXN API).

o Fixed FDC North and Global Payments error reporting related Datawire VXN API.

o Fixed an error where the batch reports printed from View Archive have data from wrong dates.

o Changed "Apply To All Auth" check box in settlement setup to "Apply to Auth(s)".
When checked for AMEX split settlement setup, it will apply correctly to AMEX in the auth setup.

o Fixed an error in auth / settlement setup matching to remove wrong warnings.

3.03.12 Releases

2007-08-01 3.03.12

o AMEX IP interface for both split auth and split settle.

o FDC North Re-certification (Restaurant, Retail, Mail Order).

o ValuTec gift card support.

o TSYS (VITAL) Lodging support.

o TSYS (VITAL) Debit support.

o Reversal support for credit card voids (Supported processors only).

o Fixed the issue where some summary reports were cut off at the bottom of the page.

o Removed export logging for better security.

o Added validation of auth code for offline force transactions where they could stop the settlement.

o Added Set / Get logging directory in the client API.

o Fixed the issue where configuration files can be out of sync for multiple merchant setups.

o Enhanced the summary export to have one export file per day: ExpSumYYMMDD.txt. To enable

o Fixed the issue where changing password would reset the security settings.

o Added rush approval feature.
During busy times when the connection is down, the server can go in to the rush approval mode and
and approve all the auth transactions. During idle time when the connection is back up,
the rush approved transactions can be auth'ed again with the processor.
;The default is NO
;The number of errors that will make the server go in to the rush approval mode.
;Number of minutes for the server to come out of the rush approval mode when idle.

o Online incremental auth and partial reversal is always enabled for lodging industry.
For other industries to use this, add the following in the INI file.
The default is NO

o Added command line action to export the batch report.
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=BatchReportExport OutputFile=c:\batch.rpt

2007-05-22 3.03.11

o Added support for online incremental auth and partial reversal.
Currently only for Global Payments and Nova
The default is NO

o If the order number not specified for MOTO transactions, then one will be generated based on the account number and amount.

o Increased the number of users for multiple merchant setup environments to 10 per merchant account.

o Re-certified with TSYS with the following support:
Industries: Restaurant, Retail, Direct Marketing (MOTO), eCommerce
Others: Commercial Card, AVS, CVV2 (CVD, CID)

o Added a feature to export the total and count by card type and transaction type during settlement.
The export file has the name ExpSumA.txt. If there are gift cards, an additional file named ExpSumM.txt (depending on where the gift card is setup) will be generated.
The default is empty, which disables this feature.

o Added a switch for Global Payments duplicate transaction detection.
If set to yes, Global Payments will check for duplicate transactions. If a duplicate is detected, an override will be sent to ensure consistency.
If set to no, Global Payments will not check for duplicate transactions.
The default is YES.

o GIVEX settlement will not be sent to the host by default.
GIVEX will cut-off the batch on the host directly.

o Added feature to require a finalization for FORCE transactions.
If they are not finalized, they will not be sent during settlement.
The default is NO, which means FORCE transactions can be batched without being finalized.

o Improved certain UI list boxes

o Added summary report by date range
This is to print the summary report by dates, rather by journal.

o Added Monthly summary report.

o Corrected the Duplicate Only button feature in View / Modify

o Separated the transactions into different card categories.

o Added log lines for each transaction during settlement for easy error detection.

o Now Business name, address, email, phone number are all required fields.
If any one of them is not setup, the manager program will prompt on startup.

o Separated connection types into High Speed and Modem.

o Separated processor types into credit card, gift card and debit card.

2007-04-02 3.03.10

o Nova Hotel / Lodging Support

o Nova Debit Support

o VeriFone 1000se Pin Pad Support

o Added Summaries for Gift Card Transactions in View / Modify

o Card range lookup should skip unaccepted card types

o Automatically reload the configuration whenever it is changed
Default is YES

o Gives warning if the connection setting is wrong

o Limit the Operator Number to 4 digits

o clcBatch in the API should batch credit cards and gift cards

o Added clcLoadTransactionByTransId in the API to load a transaction in the current journal or previous journals

o Added credit, gift, debit types in front of processor names in the selection list

o Gives warnings on bad logins and if the password has been changed within the past 7 days

o Timeout Reversal should not be sent if the transaction fails at the connnection step

o Added client name and transaction ID on each line in the log

o Wrong dates were printed in the Previous Batch Summary Report

o Added the account type column in the card detail report

o Prevented View / Modify from crashing when the journal has corrupted records

o Added filter in the journal re-sequence procedure to skip the corrupted records

o Made DataWire TCP DLL and VXN DLL co-exist
To use the TCP DLL, choose DLL in the connection parameters dropdown list.
To use the VXN DLL, choose VXN in the connection parameters dropdown list.

2007-01-29 3.03.09

o Added DeleteCard in card store functionality

o Nova Hotel / Lodging Support (Alpha)

o Removed excessive warnings in the log

o Fixed the user name, password starting with the same character sequence error

o Removed the Not All Auths Match warning for gift cards

o Added code during settlement to divide the batch into blocks if there are too many transactions
Default is 400

o Added warning messages when the DataWire has not been obtained through processor registration

o Fixed the settlement error when there are unsupported card types in the batch

o Added code to not allow VISA to be disabled since it is the default card type

o Added warning messages when the test config file is being used

o Added warning messages when the server is in demo mode

o Expanded the card type selection dialog box in authorization and settlement setup to include processor type and connection info

2006-12-21 3.03.08

o Added card store functionality through client API

o Added checkbox in View / Modify to list duplicate transactions

o Added AMEX split settlement setup warnings

o Filtered out the unused card types in card number lookup

o Changed Apply-To-All-Auths to only apply to same card classes, e.g. Apply [Default] to credit cards only, not gift cards

o Fixed View / Modify not showing gift card activation totals

2006-12-04 3.03.07

o Ensured the client name is 7 char long in the client API

o Added an INI setting for showing / hiding processor registration fields
Default is NO

o Removed the restriction that gift card types need to be at position 12 to show availability in settlement config

o Added connection spacing for SVS

o Added gift card transaction types in import / export

o Masked out gift card numbers for inquiries

o Enabled modification of merchant access assignment in non-dealer mode

o Disabled Tip Rate, Floor Limit, etc configuration fields based on INIs
[911_CCV] UseTipRate=NO UseFloorLimit=NO
o Disabled modem specific fields in connection settings if the link type is not serial

2006-11-06 3.03.05

o Remove files in the messages directory that are more than 10 minutes old

o Use partial account number with tax amount for customer code when not supplied

o Added import function to the command line
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=Import InputFile=trans.txt

o Added result output for the command line
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=Import InputFile=trans.txt ResultFile=rst.txt
The result file contains 1 or 0 to indicate if the command line is successful.

o Changed RBS Lynk setup to use its own dialup numbers

o Clean up the sensitive values after transactions

o Change the leading 'V' to '0' in the Terminal Identification field for TSYS/Lynk/HPS configurations

2006-10-13 3.03.04

o Global Payments IP interface [Restaurant, Retail, Hotel, MO/TO, eCommerce]

o Added 4CS in the processor and connection list.

o Updated the processor names.

o Corrected the message on settlement when the site code / key do not match.

o Reset INI cache in memory when reload is performed.

o Show industry type for each merchant in the info window.

o Show connection detail for highspeed entries in the connection selection list.

2006-10-06 3.03.03

o Switched the Manager Info Window UI from a browser control to list controls.

o Added the "Obtain from 911" in 5/3 and Nova Setup for the fields assigned to 911.

o Removed the parameter configration screen for "[Local]" settlements.

o Moved the "Default" settlement to the first line in settlement configration.

2006-10-03 3.03.02

o Changed "no timeout in settelement" to 10 seconds timeout minimum per transaction and also total timeout being derived from the transaction count.

o Move the server processing code out from the blocking message queue into its own thread.

o Fixed the security handling code where it may accidentally over-write the settlement configuration and cause duplicate batch IDs.

o Added the tax field in the Refund dialog box for commercial cards.

o Added the tax field in the edit transaction dialog box for commercial cards.

2006-09-21 3.03.01

o Commercial Card Level II feature is enabled by default.

o CLCAPIW removes the old instance identification file when a new instance is assigned.

2006-09-18 3.03.00

o Heartland Payment Systems Exchange Interface
Industries: Restaurant, Retail, Mail Order / Telephone Order (Web)
Features: CVV2, AVS, Card Not Present, Commercial Card Level II

o HPS and Lynk processor setups have been split out from VITAL.
A separate entry is available for each processor.

o Fixed CLCAPIW interface bug where under certain unstable networks, the client side would "void" valid transactions when "Add Tip" times out.

2006-08-23 3.02.06

o Fixed an issue where in a multiple merchant setup, the manager only keeps the initial logged in user name.

o Made User name case insensitive. The password is still case sensitive.

o Enhanced the INI setting to show business name 1, 2 or both in status window for multiple merchants.
1 means name 1. 2 means name 2. 3 means both names.
The default is 3.

2006-08-15 3.02.05

o SVS IP Interface

o Added "Local" settlement type for gift card batches.

2006-08-03 3.02.04

o Fixed the DECLINE error where CVV starts with 0.

o Fixed the user / merchant access control error in a multi-merchant setup.

o Displays the user name on the manager title bar when logged in.

o Increment batch ID if the host returns the same ID.

2006-07-21 3.02.03

o Track 2 preference. Now take track 2 if both tracks of data are present. It was track 1 before.

o Global Payments IP interface (pre-beta)

o New DataWire VXN API with processor information download.

o Added 'Credit Card Irregularity Report' and 'Credit Card Detail Report' as command line options.
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=IrregularityReport
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=CardDetailReport

o Heartland Payment Systems IP interface (pre-beta)

o Apply settlement configuration to all auth configurations through a checkbox on settlement setup screen.

o Fixed tracking IDs too long on View / Modify screen that is causing zero total issue

o Added 'Card Not Present' flag on auth and sale transactions

o Added the ability to control which user has which merchant access in a multi-merchant environment.

o Added the ability to reload configuration without restarting the server or the manager program.

o Added the ability to show information and warnings on the background window of the manager program.
The warnings include different configuration errors and not batching for a number of days.

o Added the ability to back up ccv_info.dat file at settlement time.

o Added the ability to increment the Batch ID if the ID from the processor is the same as the previous ID used.

o Added the ability to remove the extra characters if present in the account number.

o Added a new function in the client API to log the current environment for easy trouble-shooting.

o Fixed Paymentech Gift Card settlement errors.

2006-03-19 3.01.09 - fully compliant CISP PABP version

o Force CISP mode for settlement

2006-02-24 3.01.08

o Enabled install into any directory

o Settlement report for ICVerify text interface

o Support for multiple requests in ICVerify Text interface

o DLL/OCX logging (CLCAPI directory)

2006-02-21 3.01.07

o Changed Paymentech Gift Card interface to fix the cutting off the penny digit issue.

o Added printer page feed per receipt to support POS printers, e.g. EPSON TM-U220B
The default is NO. For POS printers, use YES.

2006-02-01 3.01.06

o Changed Paymentech Gift Card interface to return the balance amount in the message text on inquiry.

o Fixed Date problem in Settlement Properties Dialog under Settlement Configurationss

2006-01-16 3.01.05

o Fixed Paymentech Batch problem introduced in 3.01.04 Beta

2006-01-13 3.01.04 Beta

o Certified Nova HTTP SSL IP connection

2005-11-15 3.01.03

o Fixed ValueLink unknown account error caused by the session file not able to read in the encryption indicator
and chopping off account number digits.

2005-10-17 3.01.02

o Added printer line scale to support POS printers, e.g. EPSON TM-U220B
The default is 3. For POS printers, use 4 or higher.
For printers that are not configured for the default merchant index, use the following syntax:
where ? is the merchant index.

o Fixed ValueLink poll file missing de-activation summary.

2005-10-10 3.01.01

so Removed encryption from logs (no longer needed - no sensitive info left)

o Fixed Archive utility using default drive only for current files

o Removed log of text based (ICVerify) interface to prevent track data logging

o Added Search to Log Viewer

o Paymentech settlement crash fix

2005-09-29 3.01.00

o Removed Track and CVV from logs

o Paymentech NetConnect IP Canada - certified and added AVS

2005-09-04 3.00.04

o Separated Log Archive and Batch Archive

o Enforced Non-Archive Mode for View/Modify Current Batch

2005-08-31 3.00.03

o Fixed empty journal crash

2005-08-29 3.00.02

o Removed login dialog box from command line operation

o Added extended license error info

o Fixed scanner issue with extra characters

o Fixed log viewer crash when log files are mismatched

o Removed error descriptions when not in Error Only mode

2005-08-18 3.00.01

o Added Expiration Date Display in Info Dialog in Archives

o New and Revised Entries in CCV_ERR.ini (error descriptions)

o clcDial no longer clears the transaction data.

o clcForce can be called without the clear flag

2005-08-03 3.00.00

o Implemented complete CISP PABP requirements for security authentication and user management.

o Integrated Advanced Journal Utility into the Manager under the name Archive (View->Archive)

o Log Viewer in Manager

o Added expanded context sensitive error description and solution information in Log Viewer

2005-07-20 2.24.02

o Fixed corrupted journal crashes the manager program problem.

o Fixed ValueLink poll of forced transactions.

o Fixed offline force default auth code.

o Fixed force checks exp date for gift cards in the manager program.

2005-06-20 2.24.01

o Added CISP encryption support.

2005-06-16 2.23.12

o Added ICVERIFY settlement message support.

o Added printer by merchant index support.

2005-05-18 2.23.11

o Added edit force auth to sale option.
YES: Forces the change of auth transactions to sale transactions when editing transactions including adding tips.
The default is NO.

o Fixed ValueLink extra request for voiding a regular sale problem.

2005-04-01 2.23.10

o Fixed the 5/3 returning NUL char problem.

2005-03-24 2.23.09

o Fixed the VITAL AVS length problem.

o Fixed the business date problem in the export.
If the business date specified is around the current business date and it does not
have any records in the history, the current journal is exported.

o Fixed the record count in ValueLink export.

2005-03-08 2.23.08

o Added include tip amount option to the export.

o Added command line support for exporting the journals.
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=Export BusinessDate=20050109 OutputFile=\ExpHistory.txt
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=Export BusinessDate=Current OutputFile=\ExpCurrent.txt

2005-01-21 2.23.07

o Fixed previous batch report crash.

o Allow 0.00 amount for finalization, which voids the transaction.

o Allow 0 retries for connections.

2005-01-21 2.23.06

o Card detail report font change for long invoice IDs.

2005-01-17 2.23.05

o Added feature to print summary only for the previous batch reports.

o Added show business date option.
YES: Shows the business date selection on batch confirmation.
The default is NO.

o Added batch get next business date option.
YES: Gets the next business date based on the setting in the INI, even within one day.
NO: Gets the business date based on today and the cut-off hour.
The default is NO.

o Added batch business date cut-off hour option.
BatchBusinessDateCutOffHour=0 - 23
If the current time is before the hour, the business date is yesterday, otherwise it is today.
The default is 12, meaning 12 pm.

2005-01-10 2.23.04

o Fixed ICVerify interface merchant index with optional fields error.

o Added Demo Mode Approval option.
0: Declines all the time, 1: Approves all the time, 2: Approves on even amounts.
The default is 2.

o Fixed ValueLink gift card history returning binary 0 error.

o Fixed transaction number roll back to 1 error.

o Fixed AMEX account number in ICVERIFY interface containing spaces error.

o Show HTTP headers on error.

2004-12-30 2.23.03

o Paymentech Stored Value card beta.

o Fixed receipt compliance with gift card processors.

o Added settle sequence number option to settle the gift cards before the default.

o Fixed track 1 data input in lower case issue.

o Fixed track 1 indicator changed to track 2 during settlement issue.

2004-12-20 2.23.02

o Added Offline auth code option for gift card transactions.

o Added Finalize Before Batch option. This changes auths to sale automatically before batching.
The default is NO.

o Fixed View/Modify Selected Only issue.

o Fixed Adjust Balance transaction in ValueLink Settlement.

o Fixed ICVERIFY interface merchant index variation.

2004-11-22 2.23.01

o Added Invoice Number in View / Modify.

o Increased the max multi-merchant setup from 10 to 30.

o Added Business Date for Batch. The business date is also visible in the previous batch report.

o Added No change tip option.

2004-11-02 2.22.27

o Added ValueLink Offline Force option.

2004-11-01 2.22.26

o Added an INI setting for transaction number mod base.
The default is 10000.

2004-10-15 2.22.25

o Fixed ValueLink FDCD encoding problem.

2004-09-22 2.22.22

o The first auth gets voided if tries to auth twice using the same ValueLink gift card.

2004-09-20 2.22.21

o ValueLink end of day settlement process.

2004-09-13 2.22.20

o ValueLink error messages.

o ValueLink de-activate zero balance gift cards.

2004-09-13 2.22.19

o ValueLink Redemption causes negative amount.

o ValueLink Account Activity / Transaction History enhancement.

o Fixed multiple instance bug. Now the prevention of running multiple instances of the server is working.

2004-08-30 2.22.18

o Text Message File and settlement incompatibility fix.

2004-08-27 2.22.17

o Text Message File support.

2004-08-25 2.22.16

o The error text returned for any communication errors starts with 'ER!' instead of 'ER:'

o ValueLink partial approval support.

o ValueLink balance amount on sale unlock.

2004-08-16 2.22.15

o Automatic Settlement without the batch reports.
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=Settle BusinessDate=20040809 NoPrinting=1

o ValueLink balance amount after inquiry lock is the balance amount after the charge amount.

o Actual amount passed back to the client for split payment.

2004-08-09 2.22.14

o ValueLink Batch Export with voided transactions.

2004-08-01 2.22.13

o Skip zero count batches if there are multiple card types to batch.

o ValueLink Batch Export.

2004-07-26 2.22.12

o SVS Release (With Split Tender Support).

2004-07-19 2.22.11

o ValueLink Track Data support.

o Import processing and CVV not matching problem.

2004-07-06 2.22.10

o Business date option in automated settlement.

o SVS beta.

2004-05-24 2.22.09

o Fixed Re-Auth to void then auth.

o ValueLink beta.

2004-05-13 2.22.08

o Edit will not change auth to sale now.

o Removed the restriction on edit amount and tip on Credit/Refund transactions.

2004-05-08 2.22.07

o Fixed the conflict when the same card number used on the same check. It was introduced by the icverify transaction matching.

2004-02-08 2.22.06

o Added use zero amount finalization to void the transaction in the INI.
The default is NO.

o Fixed a memory leak caused by server online messages, introduced in 2.22.05.

o Increment the batch number if not sent back by Lynx.

o Added printing batch report via command line. Run the manager program with the following command line setting:
CCV_MANAGER CCVMGR1 Action=BatchReport

o Enhanced the echo request for ICVerify to echo the exact request. It was re-generated before.

o Added room number to be part of the C4/CO transaction matching. C4/CO now use account number, invoice number, and room number to match.

o Added multiple finalization indicator in the card detail report. A * appears next to the amount in the report to indicate that the tips have been changed multiple times.

o Added allowing/disallowing multiple finalization in the INI.
The default is YES.

o Added Zero Amount Add Amount in the INI. This amount is added to requests that contain zero amounts.
The default is 0.

o Fixed Voiding Givex sales not going to the processor, introduced by C4/CO matching.

o Added ICVerify Echo Request in the INI.
The default is NO.

2003-12-11 2.22.05

o Account number length validation with a range instead of specific numbers. Set the first LEN field to the lower bound and the last LEN field to the upper bound.

o Finalize matches the previous auth records by trans type: C4/CO. Voids matches all types of transactions.

o Added finalize on positive transactions only (ICVerify Interface).

o Fixed using the previous transaction's account number problem (ICVerify Interface).

o Added patch to re-extract account number from track data is missing (ICVerify Interface).

o Fixed journal write-back encryption problem.

o Fixed Givex timeout problem.

o Added Charge Summary and Credit/Deposit Summary in the reports to better group gift card transactions.

o Fixed packet size problem that caused interfaces to fail (caused by the long account number addition).

o Added explanations on Global Payments setup to remove leading digits.

2003-09-08 2.22.04

o Enabled AVS in the import function.

o Fixed extra quote in the import function.

o Expanded the message on settlement.

o Added business name on the title bar.

o Support of long Approval Codes (Givex needs 10 digits).

o Support of long account numbers (22 digits).

o Support of very long tracking IDs (10 digits).

o Added card index in configurations for easy integration.

o Added unique extensions to message files to support multiple servers monitoring one message directory.

o Fixed voiding an increment transaction to Givex problem, the transaction reference field has changed.

o Added suport for track2 which does not have exp date info.

o Added long message file name support for the file interface.

o Fixed Concord Track Data problem with ICVerify interface when the track sentinels are not removed.

o Select the most recent transaction for batching if there are duplicate tracking IDs.

o Changed the unique transaction tracking IDs to 8 digits.

o Fixed multiple merchants and dial up problem.

o Added internet connection support to Paymentech (Beta).

o Added internet connection support to Fifth Third Bank (Beta).

o Changed Modem to Connection.

o Fixed Force not accepting auth code bug.

o Added Lucent based modems support.

o Added link settings file, ccv_link.ini upgrade procedure. Now this file will be updated by the program when needed.

o Added internet connection support to FDC North via Datawire.

o Added error code to description lookup for datawire functions.

2003-08-08 2.22.03

o Added Extend-Stay support in the server.

o Added SSL connection to Lynk Systems.

o Remove Unbatched will remove from the View/Modify Batch if those Auths are selected.

2003-07-08 2.22.02

o Added BCM modem string.

o Added industry type to business config.

o Added encryption to the journal records.

o Fixed import only to default merchant in a multi-merchant environment.

o Added new INI to enable heart beat logging.
The default is NO.

o Added new INI to set Recept Print Count.
The default is 2.

2003-07-07 2.22.01

o Concord EFSnet IP protocol support.

o Masked the Expiration Date on the receipt.

o Auto Increment the invoice number on Auth/Sale/Force/Sale screen.

o Merchant name in multi-merchant selection list.

2003-05-30 2.21.04

o Long tracking IDs cause batch reports to crash.

o Use account number with invoice number to find a transaction in addition to tracking IDs.

o Added an alpha numeric invoice number.

o Previous Batch Report Listing name error.

2003-05-24 2.21.03

o Jonas Import Formant Exp Date Fix. (MMYY)

2003-05-20 2.21.02

o Jonas Import Formant Compliance.

2003-05-01 2.21.01

o Added Concord EFSnet Web Services interface.

o Added ICVerify Hotel interface support (Beta).

o Added INI setting to have random wait in the demo mode.
The default is 0.

o Added random interval in stress test / import interface.

o Added INI setting to show business name 1 or 2 on the title bar for multiple merchants.
The default is 1.

2003-04-28 2.20.02

o Added Lynk to VITAL configurations since Lynk uses VISANET format.

o Fixed ICVerify message file name blank problem. (Started in 2.20.01)

2003-03-25 2.20.01

o Added ICVerify message prefix in INI:

o Import / Stress Test support

o Export support

o Checking the invalid merchant code passed through the ICVerify interface.

o Show merchant business name on title bar for multiple merchant setup.

2003-03-04 2.19.03

o Decline transactions with tracking ID 0.

o Fixed Auth Code problem in ICVerify response file.

o Added operator ID support with Multiple Merchant setup for ICVerify interface.

2003-03-03 2.19.02

o Added Warning if the tracking ID file in \911\data directory is readonly.

o Added drive information on the title bar for multiple instance setup.

o Added merchant index on the title bar for multiple merchant setup.

o Re-formatted the receipt print out to fit 40-column generic text printers.

o Auto-Settlement support. Run the manager program with the following command line setting:
Create a Windows Scheduled Task to invoke it.

o Added more info on multi-merchant support.
To setup multi-merchant support, change the following INI setting:

o Added command line option in manager to switch to a specific merchant on startup.
In command line, use the following:
This switches the manager program to use merchant 1 on startup.

o Added multiple merchant support in ICVerify interface.
The second field in the request file contains the merchant index in the first sub item.

2003-02-10 2.19.01

o AVS support with VITAL (Fixed Response Message problem)

o CVC support with VITAL

2003-01-31 2.18.12

o Fixed ENVOY translate error code problem

o AVS support with VITAL

o CVC support with VITAL

2003-01-20 2.18.11

o AMEX Account Number field changed to 15 in AMEX direct settlement.

o Added logging for closing server program confirmation.

o Disabled self posting quit messages.

2002-12-01 2.18.08

o Modem config and Link config info have been moved to ccv_link.ini file to simplify
config distribution.

o Added LogBuffer option in the INI file. This will log the communications to and from the hosts.
The default is NO.

2002-11-15 2.18.07

o Now Refund, Force, as well as Add Tip, Void go through the server instead of
direct journal modification.
This is for gift card and debit card support where they use the host capture scheme.

o Demo mode now shows correct approval status
The title bar shows Demo Mode if enabled

o Changed the auth code for "Refund" transactions from alpha to numeric

o Fixed "Add Tip" action sending back success message upon failure

2002-11-01 2.18.06

o Remove Unbatched is disabled for partial batches

o Fixed View / Modify screen Selected Only total not updating problem

o Now the transaction amount can be up to $99,999.99

2002-10-29 2.18.05

o SSL timeout is disabled for batch transfers

2002-10-24 2.18.04

o Fixed ICVerify interface amount penny difference problem

o Added Thread to enforce timeout on SSL communications

2002-10-23 2.18.03

o Fixed ICVerify interface double track affecting the account number field problem.

2002-10-20 2.18.02

o Select Printer: Added "Select Printer" to the "Report" menu.
The current printer selected is saved to the INI file in [911_ccv] section under PrinterDevice.

o Remove Unbatched Auths: Set INI in [911_ccv] section: RemoveUnbatch=YES
When enabled, the system will remove all unbatched auths from the current journal after
the end of day batch.
The default is NO.

o Extended Config in the Ini file for SSL / SOCKET communications
Make sure the ini file contains [Link TCP.VITALSSL] section

o Fixed Private Label batch problem in Concord (Buypass)

2002-10-10 2.18.01

o Communication Types are now listed in the drop down list box

o Added support for multiple instances of the same card type.
e.g. Gift Card program 1 and Gift Card program 2

o ICVerify interface now strips out track2 data if both track1 and track2 are present.

2002-09-20 2.17.04

o Demo mode: Set INI in [911_ccv] section: DemoMode=YES
When enabled, the server will approve even number amounts and decline odd number amounts.

o Multiple Instance: Set INI in [911_ccv] section: MultipleInstance=YES
When enabled, one computer can have multiple instances of server and manager running.
The default is NO.

2002-08-30 2.17.03

o Limit the Tracking ID display to 4 digits in View/Modify

o Use the full number of the Tracking ID when voiding or editing transactions in View/Modify

o Saving journal before batching for recovery and troubleshooting
They are in the JOR directory with names starting with "bA"

o Previous Batch Summary Report Selection
Report->Previous Batch Report->Select Multiple Days

2002-08-13 2.17.02

o MultiTech modem hangup causes bad data in the buffer

2002-07-17 2.17.01

o Previous Batch Summary Report

o HSI version includes both NETBIOS and file interfaces

o Removed message boxes from NETBIOS which block the server operations

2002-06-14 2.16.08

o Enabled Floor Limit. Set INI: FloorLimit=YES

o Fixed Hang problem when internet is down in the IP version

o Added VITAL SSL in Modem Setup

2002-06-07 2.16.07

o Removed Restaurant in the On-line menu for Pre-Auth, Sale, Credit, etc.

2002-06-01 2.16.06

o Changed USR Modem Init String &M0 to S15=255

o Added Private Label Card Support for Concord (BUYPASS)

2002-05-15 2.16.05

o ICVERIFY Interface

o Default Modem Phone Numbers:?
Erase the phone numbers and go to merchant setup, the numbers will be filled in when ok is hit.

o AMEX Split Settlement (Beta)

o VITAL IP Interface

o Masked Credit Card Numbers in Auth Slip