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PCI PA-DSSCredit Card Software

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Over 30,000 installs in
USA, Canada, Australia and Japan
since 1995

Payment Processing Software Client Server



CreditLine Payment Processing Software is the product of consistent effort to minimize the possibility of errors through conservative phone line handling,  fool-proof setups and backups.


CreditLine Credit Card Software is the proof that we listen to our customers.  Whether your application needs only the most rudimentary credit card processing or you want to take advantage of the full power of our software, CreditLine offers the tools for the job.
We provide custom modifications at no extra charge! Need to OEM our product? Let us know!


Unlike our competitors, we do not charge for extra terminals.  You pay the same price for one terminal(client) or a hundred.  Volume discounts are available. 
CreditLine  is 100% compatible with other credit card software such as ICVerify.  CreditLine also supports the native Micros credit card software interface for seamless integration  with Micros Series POS products. In most cases,  the integration effort and switching costs are zero. 

HIGH SPEED internet ( IP ) processing over TCP/IP. In other words, you can process credit card software payments instantaneously over a persistent internet connection using DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, etc. No frame relay required, no fees and  no surcharges - save on 1-second authorizations!   IP processing for all industries, including Restaurant.


911 Software, INC has been setting a new trend in customer service and satisfaction in the industry. We will let the reviews of our products and service speak for themselves.


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  • PixelPoint POS compatible (native) interface
  • PCCharge Credit Card Software compatible (native) interface
  • POSitouch POS compatible (native) interface


Licensing required for batch/settlement functionality only.
  • IP processing over the Internet
           1-2 second authorizations
  • Easy Integration
OCX, DLL, COM, ASP Web Page, File Based Interfaces.  Native ICVerify interface support. Native Micros Support Coming Soon: PCCharge support, POSitouch support.
  • Client-Server Architecture
Unlimited number of terminals (clients) controlling the server.
  • Native Microsoft© Windows 16-bit and 32-bit code
Fast, reliable execution. Full Windows compatibility.
We stay on top of the credit card processor changes so you don't have to.
  • Gift Cards
  • True Restaurant Mode
Tip Pre-Authorization
  • CISP PABP /  PA-DSS PCI Data Security
Account encryption and truncation
  • AMEX IP processing (Reverse PIP) Split-Authorization/Split-Settlement
  • Split Dial/Split-Authorization
Save money by utilizing the most price efficient authorization routes through multiple credit card processors.
  • Multiple Modem Support
Save time by authorizing credit cards through several phone lines concurrently.   Automatic custom modem setup will ensure the fastest connection times and reliable communications.
  •  Processor Switch
CreditLine Credit Card Software allows you to minimize your processor fees, by switching between processors with a few simple steps.
  • Reports
Easy to read reports of every daily activity.  Also, reports designed to prevent errors and omissions ("Irregularity Reports").
  • Tools
A variety of integrated tools to help you view, organize and modify transactions before settlement.
  • Security
Highly flexible security mechanism allows you to create customized security profiles by assigning functionality subsets to individual users.  Any function available in CreditLine can be selected or de-selected for any user.  Please see Security Guide for more information
  • Free Integration Help