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  • Companies hustle to implement cloud technology

    09/19/2014 - Online magazine Cloud Tech reported today that many high-level executives are telling their teams...
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    Goodwill breach lasted 18 months

    09/18/2014 - In July of this year, Goodwill suffered a massive data breach affecting more than 330 store...
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  • 4 ways to prepare your store for the holiday season

    - It might seem like it's a bit early to start preparing for the holidays, but as a retailer you...
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    Top retail tips for the omni-channel marketplace

    09/16/2014 - It seems like the retail environment is changing every day, and it can be hard to keep up with the...
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  • Cloud-based computing technology revolutionizes businesses

    09/15/2014 - The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a survey of hundreds of its readers, asking about...
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    Athletic gear sales soar, boosts U.S. retail

    09/12/2014 - Athletic wear sales are increasing as retailers embrace the "athleisure" trend, which The...
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  • 5 million passwords uploaded to Russian bitcoin forum

    09/11/2014 - Hackers posted around 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords to a Russian bitcoin forum late...
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    Big data drives sales for Macy’s and others

    - Now that more companies have adopted big data it seems there is a consensus on its limits and...
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  • Policymakers address cyber-crime and credit card security

    - A North American PCI Community Meeting taking place in Orlando, Florida, this week from September...
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    Home Depot acknowledges large-scale security breach

    09/09/2014 - Yesterday, Home Depot officially announced that it was the victim of a cyber-attack. The breach may...
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Client Testimonials

  • “CreditLine is integrated with EverServ QSR to simplify deployment and provide fast payment card processing. It provides secure payment processing and is fully compliant with the latest PCI Guidelines. CreditLine gives you the freedom to choose your own processor and there are no ongoing charges transaction fees or surcharges. ”

    from PARTech press release

    ParTech (NYSE:PAR)

  • “Our customers demand a fast solution that is easy to use and reliable. 911Software Credit Card Software  has delivered this. …recently a customer prospect was simply blown away by thespeed, reporting and most of all the user interface. …We got the sale! Way to go!”

    Todd Norvell, President

    Positive Feedback Software

  • “CreditLine enhances our product by providing fast Credit Card processing as well as reliability and ease of use… 911 Software also provides a growing list of processors to meet the needs of customers. Together, HSI and 911 make a winning team.”

    Bernard Schober

    Hospitality Systems, Inc - division of Micros

  • “I am quite pleased with the results that we’ve experienced with your credit card software.”

    Michael Smith

    Tahoe Mountain Club - Jonas

  • “CreditLine credit card software works great and is much easier to setup and use than ICVerify*, including having the ability for IP processing over the Internet… We are big supporters of your company - product & people”

    Mike Higgins

    TTA - Jonas Club Management Systems

  • “As you probably already know, we, as a company, have without exception been nothing short of impressed with the level of service that your company continuously provides, and at how reliable your software has proven to be. This has gone a long way in helping to foster a great relationship between our two companies”

    Todd Renaud

    System 3 POS

  • “Some of our new customers come to us because of disappointment with PCCharge* software and support. These customers are in need of a more reliable credit card processing offering. 911 Software CrediLine is such a solution. Its All about Customer Service and we couldn’t be good without you being the best!”

    Jeff Doyle

    Revention POS

  • “- CreditLine has been basically bulletproof …”

    Aaron Demers

    System 3 POS

  • “Thanks for having such a great credit card software product!! … I love being able to talk to someone (in support)… it is very helpful… Thanks again for everything you guys do for us!!”

    Jim Bauldridge

    K3 Software / RPOWER POS